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in recent years) (Vinicombe 2000). However, populations remain stable in a number of other countries and slight local increases may have occurred in parts of Russia and Ukraine since hunting has diminished due to the species’s rarity (Vinicombe 2000). This species’s range has fluctuated considerably over the last c.150 years, although the overall trend has been towards a declining population and distribution. Owing to significant local declines it is classified as Vulnerable in Europe. However, most figures suggest widespread declines. Owing to significant local declines it is classified as Vulnerable in Europe. Evidence of declines in the larger Asian populations is sparse, and sometimes contradictory.
MLB jerseys 1992; Scott and Rose 1996), although little is known about its migratory routes (Scott and Rose 1996) and some individuals in southern populations may remain on the breeding grounds all year (Kear
Wholesale jerseys 2005b). It breeds from April or May (del Hoyo et al. 1992) until late June (Madge and Burn 1988) in single pairs or

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Articles Connexes:

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