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hard to know where to begin because the idea, "It would be nice to take a vacation some day" is vague. So what do you do? Get clear on what specifically you’d like to do with that time off and by when. Do you want to attend a workshop? Travel? Sit at home for 5 days and read? Pinpoint the goal by writing out what are you going to do by when. So, if you want to use time off for travel, your goal could read: "Go on a family vacation to the Bahamas by June 30, 2008." Then take one action toward that goal. As you walk along the path toward your goal, suddenly someone stands in front of you and blocks the way. But it’s not your boss, your sister, your spouse or your kids who are pushing you off track. What blocks your path is a giant mirror. You’re staring right at yourself. As one woman, Trish, says, "I keep sabotaging my own efforts." If you’re like Trish, read
Wholesale jerseys from China on The key to breaking through self sabotage is to first notice that you’re doing it. Listen carefully

. And they are unwilling to open up a zip file. You know how annoying it is to get an email that requires you to open up several files? For the resume reader, it is triply annoying. They are unimpressed by the latest resume "fad." For a long time, it was (and to a great extent still is) ‘verbs.’ Since a verb is an action word, we think, the reader will be impressed by lots of great verbs. They’re not. The latest craze is numbers. You’ve got to have lots of quantitative data in your resume, or no one will take you seriously. I see resumes now that are nothing but a bewildering array of numbers, and I do not believe it is any more impressive to the typical resume reader than is a bewildering array of verbs. None will
Wholesale jerseys read in detail that we all know. All will skim read for about 20 seconds or less. They are looking for certain information FIRST, to see if the resume is worth reading in more detail. Usually they look for job titles and academic degrees first. Some look first for gaps

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Articles Connexes:

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