What We Believe


We believe in the verbal, plenary inspiration; the inerrancy; and the authority of the Scriptures, consisting of the sixty-six books of the Old and New Testaments. We believe that the Bible reveals God, the fall of man, the way of salvation, and God’s plan and purpose in the ages. We believe that the Bible is the only rule of faith and practice for a local church. We use the King James Bible for all teaching and preaching.

See some of the many changes found in today’s modern translations.

Section 2: THE GODHEAD
We believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit as the Trinity and as one God. We believe God to be eternally self-existent; absolutely holy; omniscient; omnipotent; and omnipresent. We believe that each Person of the Godhead has precisely the same nature, attributes and perfections as the others.

We believe in the deity; virgin birth; sinless life; substitutionary death; and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ. We believe in His present ministry of intercession in Heaven and His imminent return to this earth.

We believe in the Holy Spirit as the third Person of the Godhead, co-equal with the Father and the Son. We believe His present ministry in the world is to convict men of sin, righteousness, and judgment; to regenerate, indwell, and sanctify the believer in Jesus Christ; and to keep, empower, teach guide and comfort the believer in his daily life.

Section 5: MAN
We believe the Genesis account of creation is a literal, historical account of the direct, immediate creative acts of God without any evolutionary process. We believe that man, material and immaterial was created by a direct work of God and not from previously existing forms of life. We believe that man was created innocent and pure and as a free moral agent. We believe that the entire race springs from one man, Adam. We further believe that Adam deliberately, of a free choice, disobeyed God and thereby brought the entire race under the condemnation of sin and death. We believe that because of Adam’s sin all men are born sinners and are in need of redemption.

Section 6: SALVATION
We believe that Jesus Christ provided complete and free salvation from the eternal punishment of sin for all men by shedding His blood in death on the cross; by His burial; and by His bodily resurrection from the grave. We believe that salvation is by grace, plus nothing and minus nothing. We believe that in order for a man to be saved he must repent of sin and by an act of his own will place his trust in Jesus Christ as the only Saviour. We believe that men are justified by faith alone and are accounted righteous before God only through the merit of our Lord Jesus Christ. We believe that salvation is eternal once it is received as a free gift and that all who trust Christ are eternally secure in Him and cannot loose their salvation.

Section 7: THE CHURCH
1. Organization – We believe that Jesus Christ organized, commissioned, and empowered a local, visible assembly called the church for the purpose of spreading His message of salvation to the entire world. We believe that the local church is composed of regenerated, baptized believers, voluntarily united together for worship, edification, fellowship and evangelization.

2. Government – We further believe that the local church has the absolute right of self-government which makes it free from interferences of any hierarchy of individuals or organizations on the outside. We further believe that on all matters of membership, policy, government, or benevolence the will of the local church is final. We believe that Jesus Christ is the Head of each local assembly and that through the Holy Spirit He seeks to administrate all the affairs of that assembly. We believe that Jesus Christ appoints an under-shepherd for each assembly called a pastor, and raises up men for the office of deacon to care for the temporal matters of the church.

3. Ordinances – We further believe that Jesus Christ left two and only two ordinances for His church to observe. Those two ordinances are Baptism by immersion in water and the Lord’s Supper. We believe that both ordinances are to be administered only under the authority of a local New Testament Church. We believe that baptism is only for those who have already trusted Jesus Christ as Saviour and is a public testimony to that fact and is not a part of salvation. We believe that the Lord’s Supper is only for those who are saved and have obeyed the Lord in baptism, and who are currently in obedience to His divine will.

We believe that it is the duty and responsibility of each believer in Jesus Christ to separate himself from the sinful practices of this world. We believe that this is necessary in order to present a testimony to unbelievers of the power of Jesus Christ in our lives so that they may also want to trust Him as Saviour.

Section 9: SATAN
We believe that Satan, who was once a holy angel named Lucifer, by his own will became the archenemy of God and all of God’s children. We believe that Satan is a spirit being more intelligent and more powerful than man, and that he is intent on leading men into sin and away from God. We believe that the Holy Spirit in us is of far greater power than Satan. We believe that Satan has been defeated by Jesus Christ and will one day be cast into the lake of fire along with all who follow him.

Section 10: THE FUTURE
We believe in the visible, personal, and premillennial return of Jesus Christ. We believe in the pre-tribulational rapture of all believers in Jesus Christ. We believe that He will come for His saints in the rapture and that He will come back to the earth with His saints after the tribulation period to set up His kingdom. We believe that He will then rule the earth for one thousand years. We believe in the everlasting conscious blessedness of the saved in Heaven and the everlasting conscious punishment of the lost in Hell.

Section 11: MISSIONS
We believe that the primary mission of the church and the individual responsibility of each believer is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all men everywhere. We believe that to do this we must be witnesses to those around us and, at the same time, help send missionaries of like faith and practice through prayer and financial support to those whom we cannot personally reach.

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“We had a fake cheap Michael kors handbags fender bender on the way here from the television studio,” explained Kors, safe and sound at Holt Renfrew’s Bloor St. flagship shortly after.

The accident occurred after an early morning appearance on Canada AM, leaving the New York based designer and his PR team stranded in the middle lanes of Highway 401 until another car could retrieve them. Two hours later, the group was still shaken from having cheap michael kors purses to exit the damaged car with vehicles whizzing by on either side.

“It’s always something,” sighed Kors, a 26 year veteran of the trunk show circuit, where the next season’s entire collection is taken on tour so top customers can place their orders.

“I did a trunk show in Oklahoma once with no clothes,” he chuckled, recalling a shipment that never arrived. “I sat with the customers and watched the video of the show saying, that’s cute. That’s cute.’ I sold $100,000. In Tulsa. With cheap michael kors bags no clothes.”

The stellar salesmanship would be testament to Kors’ sparkling personality, one that helped propel him from a 19 year old with a knack for chic, luxurious American sportswear to a one man conglomerate with numerous men’s and women’s collections, licences for eyewear, shoes, watches and handbags, and fragrance and beauty products. There are Michael Kors flagships on Madison Ave. and Rodeo Dr., and international boutiques in Hong Kong and Dubai. And Kors has been a popular judge on the reality show Project Runway.

The Kors charm also helped win over a dozen of Holt’s top clients at an exclusive lunch and fashion show.

While the ladies tucked into roast chicken and couscous, models roamed by in an electric blue sheath, a fur trimmed cocoon dress, and a floor length swathe of brown jersey splattered with clear beads.

The menu catered to the finicky Kors palate.

“I think because I am an only child I was totally indulged,” commented Kors, nursing an ice tea in a private shopping suite prior to the lunch. “My mother never said, you have to eat this.’ I don’t eat eggs or tuna. I don’t drink hot liquids. And I’m always hot so I never wear socks. If I wear socks, I feel choked.”

Even on this unseasonably frigid day, his bare replica michael kors ankles are visible above black patent Tods moccasins.

“They go both ways black tie and snow,” he quipped. “That’s another thing I have learned doing trunk shows. Women in Chicago wear Manolo heels in winter. I ask them, where are cheap michael kors your mukluks? But they swear by old patent leather and they just Windex it. You learn something in every city.”

So what has he learned on his visits to Canada?

“The colder the city, the more warm weather clothes we sell,” he marvelled. “People need to escape south. The biggest suburb of Toronto is Palm Beach. So we sell a lot of beachy lightweight clothes here.”

The car accident isn’t the only reminder of mortality that Kors has had lately. He recently had a basal cell carcinoma sliced out of his forehead.

“After a lifetime of laying in the sun, I’ve learned my lesson,” he declared, acknowledging the inch wide scar near his hairline. “I’ve cooked my whole life at the beach.

“People have always told me, you have blond hair and blue eyes. You have to be careful.’ I never listened.”

Now he says he cheap Michael Kors will be turning to close friend Aerin Lauder, senior vice president of global creative for Estee Lauder, for tips on how to fake bake.

“I have never self tanned but I am going to have to join the ranks,” Kors said. “Aerin will put me in touch with a good self tanner. We’ve all seen those women who look like a tandoori chicken. It’s not a good look.”

The patience required for the safe, perpetual tan could prove to be a challenge for a 46 year old who admits to suffering somewhat from Attention Deficient Disorder. His frenetic New York runway shows, where masses of models burst onto the catwalk and race through 12 minutes of the next season’s men’s and women’s wear, seem to be a reflection of that.

“I have a short attention span,” Kors admitted. “And I am a bundle of contradictions. I am analytical but casual; indulgent but relaxed. My shows are over the top luxe but fun.”

It’s a formula embraced by a wide variety of women from conservative chartered accountants to attention seeking stars.

“We’re astounded by the mix of celebrities who wear our clothes from Mary J. Blige to Barbara Walters,” Kors remarked. “But they are all strong, powerful and opinionated. She’s a diva and he rules the world,” he said of his customers of both genders. discount michael kors “But they’re nice people.”

Kors is currently helping New York society get dressed for the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute ball on May 7. “Events and awards shows replica cheap Michael Kors become like a whole other season,” noted Kors. No wonder some, like fellow New York designer Marc Jacobs who recently re entered rehab, fall into unhealthy behaviours.

“You have to get out of fashion and turn fashion off,” Kors advised. “I go to movies and theatre a lot. It takes me somewhere else. Travel energizes me, too.”

The three P’s Phuket, Parrot Cay and Palm Beach are favourite beach escapes for Kors, though he adds he will cheap michael kors now be taking cover under an umbrella. He cheap replica michael kors often unwinds at his home on Water Island, off Long Island where he grew up.

“There are 28 houses and no roads, no cars, no restaurants,” he says.

“So when I go there I do normal things, like cook. I was on Martha Stewart’s show and I made spaghetti and meatballs. She couldn’t believe it. But in this business, you have to force yourself to slow down. If you don’t, you can find yourself in a sticky situation.”Articles Connexes:

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